Three things are critical if South African companies are going to successfully embrace the opportunities of the “fourth industrial revolution” and seize the opportunities that are provided by Internet of Things (IoT) technologies, big data and the cloud.

The most fundamental is, of course, a commitment to software excellence. Without the right platforms for collecting, analysing and presenting information, and the skills to build and iterate based on end-user needs, the value of big data cannot be unlocked.

Following on from that, the second thing is an absolutely commitment to cybersecurity. New products for the fourth industrial revolution are open to new types of risk, some of which have become apparent in high profile attacks across the globe in recent months. Being able to protect against that means new products must be “secure by design”, and new threats must be isolated and addressed quickly.

And finally, to truly embrace IoT, the ability to rapidly prototype products and accelerate the manufacturing process is critical.

Which is why Parsec’s state-of-the-art original design manufacturing (ODM) capabilities are a critical part of the future strategy of Ansys Limited, and will benefit companies within the group and their customers alike.

Major investments in the ODM facility have improved Parsec’s ability to manufacture and test electronic devices, with world-class equipment and a team of highly skilled engineers and technicians. This gives Parsec the capability to meet the most demanding requirements for customers in the defence and aerospace industry, for whom build quality and network security must be unfailing, and brings the same level of guarantee to all its clients.

The ODM facility puts Parsec in an ideal place to drive digitisation of industrial processes across the board, and already Parsec’s work in in the field has been prolific, says managing director Petrus Pelser.

Its experience in research, development and production of IoT devices for extreme environments such as mining have given the Parsec team important insights into the future of networked things.

“We’re moving in a world where time to market is critical and people want things faster,” Pelser says. “So we’ve positioned ourselves and our facility to address that.”

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