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Etion Create is an original design manufacturer (ODM) that has been in operation for more than 25 years. Originally known as Parsec, the company was founded in 1993, focusing on the design, development and manufacture of a wide range of advanced electronic and digital technologies. In 2015, Parsec was acquired by Alt-X-listed company, Ansys, and changed its name to Etion Create as part of the holding company rebrand from Ansys to Etion.

The repositioning of Etion created a platform for the group to create a new value chain and enabled it to take an integrated offering to the market. With its proudly South African roots, Etion Create forms a critical part of the Etion value chain and its overarching proposition to create, digitalise, connect and secure digital technology.

Other divisions within the Etion Group include Etion Digitise which specialises in digital systems that help improve the safety and productivity of client operations in sectors that include transport and logistics, mining and energy; Etion Connect which offers connectivity and communications products, solutions and services for fibre wireless deployments, data and digital radio communications networks; and Etion Secure, incorporating the newly acquired LAWTrust, which provides cybersecurity solutions that focus on establishing positive identity, ensuring authenticity and protecting privacy.

By joining forces with Etion, Etion Create now offers turnkey professional engineering solutions spanning from the early system concept stages through to final product manufacturing and logistics support. Its proven ISO certified project management, system engineering, design and development and manufacturing processes guarantee professional and consistent end results which are a key requirement on all defence platforms. Where possible, the company leverages its range of in-house commercial off-the-shelf (COTS) embedded products.

Offering and capabilities

Etion Create carries certifications for ISO 9001, IPC-A-610-Class 2 and 3 (inspection), IPC-3-STD-001-Class 2 and 3 (workmanship) and IPC-7711/7721 (rework, modifications and repair).

As an environment-conscious entity, the company supports efforts to eliminate the use of conflict minerals (e.g. columbite-tantalite, cassiterite, gold, wolframite, or their derivatives such as tantalum, tin, gold and tungsten) from improper sources and is committed to promoting transparency and consumer awareness regarding the use of these minerals.

Etion Create has also been involved in the information security market since 2007 with the development of its range of high-security network encryption (SOLIDnet) products. The SOLIDnet products provide a military-grade Virtual Private Network (VPN) solution which addresses the need of government and enterprises to communicate securely over public networks such as the Internet.

Etion Create has recently expanded its product offering to include a USB-based Public Key Infrastructure (PKI) cryptographic token solution known as the SOLIDid which covers a wide range of information and cybersecurity applications of interest to government, enterprises and individuals alike. The applications are numerous and include the digital signing and encryption of emails, files and documents.

The company has also embraced the new world of Internet of Things (IoT) technologies, big data and the cloud, by creating the right platforms for collecting, analysing and understanding information crucial to your business. Its expertise and deep understanding of its customers’ needs assures them of peace of mind for them to remain focused on their own core competencies.

Value proposition and vision

With a workforce that includes more than 150 individuals, highly specialised engineers and project managers, and long-standing industry experts, Etion Create delivers the crucial expertise and support that its customers need for their business.

The bulk of its business is derived from the South African market with a number of other countries in the Middle East and sub-Saharan Africa geographies. It has ambitions to grow significantly beyond its border to reduce its reliance on the South African market. Both its home and international markets are constantly changing, and the company’s approach is to have enough flexibility to tailor its business to the ever-changing market dynamics.

Etion Create would like to be known as an iconic group known for accelerated growth and value creation for all stakeholders. It continuously strives to be a place where people with ideas can turn these into sustainable business despite the constraints present in the markets that it operates in.

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