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Technology for
a Digital World

Etion is an eco-system of technologically driven business units all committed to one purpose – to create and provide integrated digital technology solutions that will propel humanity forward. A strong, determined and professional portfolio of technology offerings, with experience across a wide range of business sectors.

The rush to digitization, to real-time monitoring of systems and environments, to analytics and unlocking the value in “big data” has taken firm hold in South Africa, and around the world. And we are perfectly positioned to help you take your business successfully into this new world.

The Pursuit
of Better in
All We Do

As a fast growing African technology company, we leverage our own, and partner IP to develop, produce, distribute and integrate bespoke and standard technology products and solutions aimed at improving connectivity, safety and productivity and cyber security for our customers.

Our diverse workforce delivers innovation on a daily basis with fresh ideas and a broad cultural mix. Our heritage in engineering and technology, ranging over 30 years, gives us a strong understanding of where the world is going and how we can better serve our customers. We create, digitise, connect and secure technology solutions for a digital world, that is constantly changing.

We are in the midst of a technological revolution that will fundamentally alter the way we live, work, and relate to one another. It’s a gamechanger. Our digital technology excellence and extensive technical and business experience, builds an ecosystem for your business where machines talk to machines across different sectors. We create entirely new ways to serve you and your business needs, disrupting industry standards through innovation. We’re ready for the digital revolution.

An Ecosystem
For The Fourth

Original Design Manufacturing

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Safety and Productivity Solutions

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Digital Network Solutions

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Cyber Security Solutions

incorporating LAWtrust

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Our Company

Creating a Single Core Identity

Over the past 31 years the company has built a strong reputation in the design, manufacturing and supply of technology–based solutions used in some of the world’s toughest environments. The reality, however, was that each separate business unit had its own established brand equity in their respective markets. Consequently, following extensive engagements with key stakeholders, including: customer, employees and the media, the brand identity of Ansys was refreshed into a single core brand and the company’s name changed to “Etion”. Etion represents energy and action. The Etion brand promise to the market and customers is to advance humanity forward. Our goal is to be an iconic solutions provider that turns ideas into digital technology solutions that advance the living and working environments of humanity.

Through the establishment of a single core brand the company seeks to change the understanding of the group to a provider of integrated digital technology solutions rather than a provider of individual products and services within specific market sectors. This will improve the organisation’s ability to market its capacity to build customised digital technology solutions to meet the specific needs of customers in any sector, including the sectors in which Etion already operates.

Executive Management

Teddy Daka
Group Chief Executive Officer

MBA, Bachelor of Arts in Business Administration (Hons) and has also completed several executive programmes. Teddy was appointed as
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Elvin De Kock
Group Chief Financial Officer

Elvin has extensive executive and strong consulting experience both at board and at senior executive levels across various industries including
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Lebo Madiba
Group Chief Marketing Officer

MBA, Bachelor of Arts in Business Administration (Hons) and has also completed several executive programmes
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Mile Sofijanic
Group Executive: Strategy Support, People & Organisational Development

An astute executive manager and professional
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Petrus Pelser
Managing Director: Etion Create

Petrus is a co-founder of Parsec in 1997 and has been Managing Director since 2001. Prior to this, Petrus managed Parsec Design Solutions, the
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Koketso Seripe
Chief Executive: Etion Digitise

Koketso Seripe has 20 years industry experience working in the mining, infrastructure and petrochemical sectors. Recently joined Etion from a Fortune 500
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Christi Maherry
Chief Executive Officer: Etion Secure, incorporating LAWtrust

Christi is the co-founder and CEO of LAWtrust Information Security Solutions, Africa’s leading digital security experts. Over the past 12 years
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