It takes an innovative and experienced technology provider in this age of the fourth industrial revolution, to really push what’s possible. IoT and big data bring many challenges to businesses in Africa and around the world. Some might see these challenges as insurmountable. We see it as an opportunity to create solutions that not only meet your needs, but push you even further towards a smarter, more successful business.

In fact, Etion Digitise has been developing products and services built around this changing world for many years now, driving innovation through IoT in sectors such as rail and mining with sensors, for example, like our hot bearing detectors for trains or collision prevention monitors in mines.

We’ve been digitising systems and building networks that embrace the revolution to help improve productivity and to replace manual processes for inspection and maintenance. Our digital solutions are built for the future, but available now.

A Proud
History of

Etion Digitise is the culmination of many years of innovation. Through Ansys Rail and our Safety and Productivity Solutions business, we have grown into a world-class digital solutions provider, enabling us to offer unparalleled services across many sectors including rail, mining, oil & gas, energy and retail.

Our digital systems are built to improve the overall safety and productivity of every client, no matter how big or small. We’re here to make your business perform better, in a digital world. Whether it’s through the development and integration of sensors that collect important data for you to study to improve inefficiencies, or track assets.

It’s the Internet of Things working for your business.


Etion manufactures in-house designed products with volumes as low as single units to high volumes (hundreds of units). Testing products with automated test equipment is part of our manufacturing process and ensures compliance to strict acceptance criteria.


We have the capability to integrate equipment from third party vendors into our solutions, and further integrate our solutions into customer’s systems. Whether it is software and/or hardware integration, we enjoy the challenge of making it work.


Etion also provides turnkey trackside solutions, supporting every client through each step of the way, from initial planning and site surveys, all the way through to final installation and commissioning. Continued support is provided after commissioning, and can be customised to the needs of the client’s own support philosophy. This can vary from full maintenance function, to only ad-hoc support to the client’s own maintenance teams.

Our Digital
Train Ecosystem


The focus of our digital rail solutions is based on three important factors: Safety, Productivity and Maintenance. Wheel and Rail Interface sensors can detect issues like overheated bearings early, before they break and do damage to other rail components, and relay that data to you. As more data about operating conditions is gathered, even more efficient ways of maintaining a fleet will become possible.

Our solutions add value to your business. New, fibre optic-based sensors can report on rail and wheel interaction, utilising state of the art processes to detect anomalous movements, helping to not only keep your trains safely on the track, but also protecting your key assets against theft or vandalism.

Etion Digitise is well established to provide innovative solutions for trackside and onboard systems, as well as augmented operations systems that can assist drivers and workers to improve rail safety.

To help your business move forward.


From concept design to final product, Etion has the capabilities to design innovative products for the rail industry. Whether it’s onboard, trackside, or yard automation our engineers design and develop products that are fully complaint with international rail standards. A structured systems engineering process is followed, starting with stakeholder requirements definition, all the way through to verification of requirements and needs, field support and decommissioning.

Our engineers are well versed in software, firmware and electronic mixed signal development.


Embedded sensors and cameras help engineers to capture huge amounts of real-time data from their rail network, generating information on all aspects of operation, giving operators the ability to begin predictive, rather than reactive, maintenance regimes. There’s no longer a need to carry out unnecessary maintenance because now we can start to look at maintenance based on the real-time health monitoring of components or looking for tell-tale performance drops, predicting when they will break down, before they break down.



Etion Digital develops systems that provide real-time, actionable information to mine personnel and supervisors. Our engineers are constantly challenged to optimise exploration, drilling and extraction processes, as well as to improve the contributions of lower-yielding mines. A challenge we fully accept. Mining is becoming the ultimate measured

environment, and an increasingly technology-driven industry, providing engineers with an opportunity to make significant improvements in established processes and equipment, while also creating a new generation of mining practices with focuses on safety, automation, energy efficiency, environmental stewardship and cost management. This is done through the introduction of remote

sensors that are able to monitor everything, from gas levels to the stability of ground surfaces. These sensors will constantly feedback to systems which can analyse and alert operators of dangers ahead. Maintenance regimes will become predictive, with more live monitoring of equipment to detect part failures before they happen. The endgame is mines that are safer for workers, more efficient and more cost effective to run.


This kind of intelligence requires underground connectivity, that will see mines moving from UHF- or VHF-based communication systems, to IoT low band connectivity with robust failsafe options, meaning if one node or antenna goes down, overall network performance and connectivity isn’t affected.

It also can’t interfere with emergency response channels. As IoT adoption in mining becomes more and more relevant, Etion Digitise is your partner of choice to develop solutions and services that will help you reduce the cost and difficulty of deployment, improve safety and make your business more efficient.



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