Our recent acquisition of LAWtrust gives us an even better offering. For more than a decade, LAWtrust has established itself as the trusted expert and authority in digital security solutions. As South Africa’s leading security integrator, the business has nurtured business relationships with over 1000 clients, including the country’s top four banks and insurance companies. Etion is proud to bring them into our solution offering to help us become Africa’s leading trust centre, security integrator and security solutions developer.

Our Cyber


Digital Certificates
TLS/SSL Certificates
Device Certificates
Cloud Encryption
Email Encryption
Strong Authentication


Electronic Signature Solutions
Advanced Electronic Signatures
Smart Boardpack
Bulk Electronic Signing
Smart ID Card


Insider Threat Protection
Digital Fraud Management
Biometric Authentication
Digital Key Management & Protection
SSH Key Management
TLS Lifecycle Management
Managed PKI
Evidence Vaulting

Our Solutions

We invest heavily in the research and development of cyber security products to make sure we stay ahead of those trying to infiltrate your business. We have developed a range of hardware and software solutions to make sure your business is always kept safe.

All of Etion Secure’s cyber security products leverage our electronic design and manufacturing capabilities, ensuring customers sensitive information is safeguarded through tamper proof/evident hardware-based cryptographic and software solutions.

These cover a wide range of information and cyber security applications of interest to government, enterprises and individuals alike.

Insider Threat

With a long-standing focus on the authentication and fraud market, Etion Secure assists globally trusted financial enterprises and government fight fraud in real time with comprehensive management and fraud monitoring solutions.

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Etion Secure’s signature solutions allow your business to reap substantial benefits through the savings on time, courier costs, data capture errors reduced potential for fraud
in paper processes.

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Solid webKey

Password Manager
Second factor authentication
One password. One vault.
Your accounts protected.

SOLID webKey is a convenient and portable “key” that secures multiple passwords with ONE Master Password. We provide a free password manager application for use with SOLID webKey which allows you to easily change all your passwords to strong and extremely hard to guess passwords.

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Solid ID

• Secure PKI authentication, network logon
• Verification• Encryption
• Digital signing / Email signing
• 1GB Encryption Storage

Solid VPN

The SOLID VPN device is aimed at travelling members of defence and government organisations who wish to establish remote access connections to headquarters via public and / or satellite networks. The device is also suitable for smaller branch offices.
• Secure Internet Protocol (IP) layer communication over public networks
• High grade security for government, military and corporates
• Tamper-protected hardware
• Multiple topologies (mesh/star)
• Rack mount and ruggedised versions

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